Springer’s Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Springer will take about two or three months to publish the proceedings after the conference. Only some selected papers presented in the conference will be included in the LNEE volume. 

The papers (i.e., final camera-ready versions) should be prepared following the Springer proceedings guideline available at https://www.springer.com/us/authors-editors/conference-proceedings/conference-proceedings-guidelines.

– A paper approximately includes 6 pages, where a page contains roughly 300-400 words. This is just a recommendation on maximum-paper-length, not a restriction (Authors tend to squeeze their work when faced with such limits. They remove vertical space or use different font sizes or do not adhere to the correct format for the references. In such cases, our typesetters reformat the papers, which can lead to an unexpected increase in the overall number of pages. Therefore, we discourage authors from squeezing their work to meet the maximum-paper-length recommendation).

– Authors have to submit a signed copyright form, through which the copyrights of their papers are transferred to Springer.